At PAOTEXAS, we're on a mission to redefine the way returned products from e-commerce companies are perceived. We believe that every item, regardless of its journey back to us, holds immense value and deserves a second chance to find its perfect home.

Our process is rooted in transparency. We want you to know exactly where your products are coming from and the journey they've taken. That's why we're committed to making our process as clear and open as possible, ensuring you have full confidence in the quality and integrity of our offerings.


Our mission is simple: "Stop e-commerce returns from going to landfills." By giving these products a second life, we're not only reducing waste but also unlocking incredible value for our customers. Whether you're searching for a unique find or simply looking to save on high-quality goods, PAOTEXAS is your destination for exceptional deals and sustainable shopping.

Join us in our mission to give returned products the chance they deserve. Explore our selection today and discover the hidden treasures waiting to be found at PAOTEXAS!

The way we consume things is changing. Previous generations went to stores to purchase the majority of their goods. Today most people buy the majority of their goods online. In theory, this should be better for the environment. You aren’t driving to buy a product and then going home. Now that item is only being delivered to you. Great right? Unfortunately, online products are returned at a 2x higher rate.

Unfortunately, its negative impact on our planet isn’t improving E-commerce as we hoped. We are consuming more products every year as Americans. In 2019  Americans sent 5 billion pounds of returned goods to landfills.

The question then becomes how can we make our impact less damaging to the environment. To put it simply make sure those goods get used again. Other retailers have decided that these goods can’t be resold. We say that’s wrong and they can. So our goal is to give every returned good a chance at being helpful.

What we have achieved so far
We have calculated the weight of every shipment that we have received. We have saved roughly 1.2 million pounds* of waste from heading to landfills. (Updated April 2023)

We allow customers to purchase items in an auction format. We believe an auction is the best way to let people dictate the value of these returned goods.