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We don’t control the amount or what items we receive. We simply auction everything received from our distributors. Items come in four varieties of the following conditions of returns.

  • Brand new- Item is sealed in the original packaging
  • Brand new, open box- item is in perfect condition from the manufacturer, but the box and packaging may have been opened and in most cases, in perfect working condition.
  • Used- Condition is unknown. Items may be used and may show signs of use, scratches, or dents.
  • Salvaged- The item is broken or missing parts. It may not be in functioning condition. Something could be technically wrong with the item not allowing it to function properly. These items are sold and marked “As Is”. “As is” means we will sell the item in whatever condition it is in.


  • We are not in control of what items we receive each week. This gives our shopping experience a fresh and unique inventory.
  • As you are bidding, please keep in mind, that if you see something you like, there is a chance that we may never get another one or at least for a long time
  • Our goal is to make every single week a treasure hunt full of deals and excitement in a unique format.
  • Our inventory consists of furniture, electronics, home goods, tools, and much more. Anything you can buy online we sell.


  • Photos are taken of each item and then they are uploaded to our website. Finally, the auction is ready to go! Bidders can then browse through each item and decide which items they want and begin bidding.
  • Max bids can be placed as soon as the auction is put online. Bids will hold until the auction is over or you are outbid by another bidder. For example: if you place a max bid of $100 on an item, and if your initial bid is $20 and you are not outbid, you will only pay $20 not the $100 max bid.
  • We recommend bidders add items to their “watches”. You can add a lot of items to your watch list by clicking on the “star” in the catalog. Then your watch list will have all the items you have starred. This will help make it easier on auction day to bid on items you want.


  • The online auction will start at 10 am on Monday and will be open for bids. The auction lots, which refer to the inventory, will be closing on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night at 6pm CST. The closing time will be staggered softly to give everyone enough time to bid. If you place your bids in advance, you will receive notifications if you have been outbid. You can turn on this feature in your settings.
  • Placing a bid at the last minute will add another 40 seconds to the auction timer.


  • The days for picking up your winning(s) are Friday and Saturday from 9am to 6pm. At 403 Kraft Street, San Antonio, TX, 78220.
  • Orders are brought to customers so you can check and test your winnings. Read Here about our Buyers Guarantee these are the protections you have as a buyer at the auction.
  • If your item requires power to test, we supply you with power outlets.
  • Once you're done checking your items, you will sign your receipt and send you on your way.
  • Once you leave the auction your purchase is finalized. There are no return policies once you leave the warehouse.
  • You will always be welcome to preview next week’s inventory after picking up your order!

Before you start


If this is your first time participating in the auction we HIGHLY recommend reading our rules next.


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